Basic Instinct Cat Non-medicated Rabbit formula

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1 pouch 250g each

Our Basic Instincts™ Cat Rabbit formula is a good choice for owners seeking a lean meat for their cat.  Formulated using the whole rabbit, this meal provides a good distribution of muscle fibers. Rabbit is particularly good for its calcium-to-fat ratio, and is a well-suited protein for inclusion in a maintenance diet. 


Non-medicated whole rabbit with bone, rabbit heart, rabbit liver, dried egg yolk, psyllium husk powder, agar. gelatin, filtered water. wild salmon oil.

Crude Protein 16.13%
Crude Fat 7.93%
Crude Carbs 0.70%
Moisture 71.06%
Calcium 0.96%
Phosphorus 096%
Taurine 22.1 mg
Calories 139


Feeding Guidelines

Note: These guidelines could vary depending the breed and activity level of your cat.

Adult/Senior Cats: 100g – 200g per day
Portions can be divided into two portion feedings or given as one.
Kittens: 175g – 250g per day
Portions for kittens can be given 2-3 times per day