Mega Dog Raw Blend Patties 4 lb

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Mega Dog Raw Blend Patties make it easy to thaw and serve a healthy meal to your dog. Mega Blend is a tasty, nutritious & affordable raw dog food, offering an allergen-free option that meets the portion needs of a bigger dog. It contains triple-ground whole chicken with bone & beef offal (liver, lung, tripe). Supplement this blend with tripe, vegetables or a powdered supplement to offer complete nutrition. It is designed for dogs with allergies or pet owners who do their own mix! Sourced from government-inspected facilities, it's antibiotic/hormone free and from local Canadian farms.

  • 4 lb box of patties, 8 x 8oz (1/2 lb) patties

Mega Blend contains:

  • Chicken with bone
  • Beef offal (lung and liver)
  • Beef tripe

This basic blend needs to be supplemented with tripe and/or vegetables as well as kelp to be balanced.

This is a high quality, base blend designed for pet owners doing their own mix!


    Moisture % 62.15
    Protein % 13.07
    Calcium % 1.53
    Phosphorus % 0.88
    Sodium % 0.11
    Potassium % 0.19
    Magnesium % 0.04
    Zinc (ppm) 33.71
    Copper (ppm) 0
    Iron (ppm) 30.13
    Ash % 5.3
    Fibre % 4.56
    Fat % 14.9
    kcal/100g 264
    Carbohydrates % 1.98