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Tips on feeding Raw

  • We highly recommend thawing the frozen food in your fridge and not at room temperature. This will lower the risk of bacteria growth and extend the length of time it can be kept in the fridge. Remove the quantity you need from the freezer and allow 8-12 hours for thawing. Meat can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days. 
  • Treat and handle all raw pet foods just like you would handle any raw human foods prior to cooking for your family. Always use glass or stainless steel bowls and wash and sanitize daily. But in our dogs' and cats' point-of-view, a clean floor is always the best dinner table!
  • Avoid feed small dogs (under 15 pounds) raw food that is completely frozen. A small dog has small internal organs, and if it is a “gorger” that chews and swallows the frozen food quickly, it can do some damage to those organs due to the cold temperature of the food. Always thaw your small pet’s food before feeding. Larger dogs can be fed their food frozen, partially thawed or totally thawed, depending on where you are feeding them and how they prefer it. 
  • Always have fresh water readily available.
  • Grocery store meats are not the same as meats meant for your dog or cat! Our vendors has gone through lab tests for salmonella and other bacteria to assure their products are safe for consumption. The meats found in grocery stores are meant to be consumed after cooking and has NO guarantee that it is safe for your pets.