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BC's Best Full Meal Lamb

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***This meal does not contain ground bone, additional Calcium supplements/ bone meal powder (click here) or raw meaty bones, such as necks, tail, feet etc. are recommended***

BC's Best Full Meal Lamb Immune Care

0.5lb patties

Available in 4.5lb or 12lb bulk.

All BC Farmed ingredients, sustainable agriculture and humane animal production standards.

Ingredients: Grassfed Lamb/Mutton, Grassfed Lamb/Mutton 
Organ Meats; Squash, Mixed Greens, Apple, Pear, 
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Ground Flax Seed, Thyme



Feeding Recommendations

Variety is the key to providing optimum nutrition. 

By alternating meals that do not contain bones (beef/lamb) with bone-in meals (chicken/duck) your pet's calcium needs will be met. For nutritional analysis, please see our web site. The following chart is a guideline and amount fed should be adjusted to meet and maintain your pet's ideal body condition. This will vary based on age, breed, life stage, health and activity level. It is important to monitor your pet's needs and adjust quantities accordingly.


our fall/winter and spring/summer product lines evolve
around the fruits, vegetables and herbs that are seasonally available within B.C.