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PETS 4 LIFE Raw Salmon 1oz Medallions 3LB

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PETS 4 LIFE Salmon Formula dog food is made with the finest, wild caught Pacific Coho Salmon filets money can buy.

They start with fresh, wild caught, Pacific Coho Salmon filets – the absolute best quality salmon you can buy for you and your family, and from the same supplier top gourmet restaurants use! Then they add fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables, and all natural, organic supplements, sea vegetables and herbs. It all adds up to most complete and balanced raw diet you can buy for your pet.

As with all PETS 4 LIFE Pet Cuisine, this Salmon Formula doesn’t just meet, but exceeds AAFCO and CVMA requirements for all life stages.


INGREDIENTS: Wild Pacific Coho  Salmon (Contains Salmon Meat Filets and Salmon Bones), Kale, Cabbage, Carrots, Broccoli, Apples, Eggs, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Alfalfa Meal, Sea Kelp, Garlic, Ground Almond.

Crude Protein/Proteines Brutes (Min): 16%
Crude Fat/Matieres Grasses Brutes (Min): 4%
Crude Fibre/Fibres Brutes (Max): 1%
Moisture/Humidite (Max): 75%