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Tom&Sawyer Beef & Broccoli (454g / 2 cups)

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A canine take on an iconic Chinese takeout dish.
  • Healthy grains
  • Low fat
  • Rich in antioxidants


  • Beef

GOOD FOR:  Adult dogs, healthy or over-weight seniors, dogs with gluten allergies, pancreatitis, may be beneficial for dogs requiring weight loss*, picky eaters.

* For dogs undergoing an energy restriction, this recipe should only be used when in consultation with a veterinarian.

Our Beef & Broccoli recipe is your pup’s version of a favourite Chinese takeout dish! This recipe is all-inclusive and can provide many benefits to dogs with a variety of dietary restrictions or requirements. 

This recipe is perfect for pups who:

1. Need a Low-Fat Diet

Sensitive stomachs or dogs who suffer from pancreatitis will benefit from having this low-fat diet. Tom&Sawyer sources extra-lean ground beef so that even dogs who need a low fat diet can enjoy the delicious flavours of beef in their regular diet. Meals for pancreatitis require fat levels below 25 grams per 1000 kcals - which this recipe delivers! 

2. Are Picky Eaters

Dogs can’t resist the taste of beef! In addition to a yummy protein source, this recipe uses limited ingredients which can help those fussy eaters. 

3. Have a Gluten Intolerance

For a healthy carbohydrate source, the Beef & Broccoli incorporates quinoa. Quinoa is a pseudo-grain and contains no gluten. This means that even pups who have allergy-like flare ups to gluten can safely eat Beef & Broccoli for dinner. 

In addition to meeting various dietary needs for different dogs, the Beef & Broccoli recipe also contains superfood ingredients such as ginger root and Goji berries.