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Tom&Sawyer Fisherman's Best Friend (454g / 2 cups)

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**New & Improved Recipe** Now with sustainable wild-caught whitefish!

Tom&Sawyer’s gently-cooked meals for dogs are made by trained chefs in their independently owned Canadian pet meals kitchen following strict adherence to regulations for making human food, using only top restaurant-quality ingredients, preservative-free and packaged frozen. Each recipe is expertly developed by their pet nutrition team to be complete and balanced. All meals include Tom&Sawyer’s Digestive Aid Blend and custom human food-grade vitamin&mineral, as well as anchovy fish oil and Canadian hemp seed oil for perfectly balanced Omega 3-6-9 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation, improve joint mobility and clear skin conditions. 

Wild pollock provides a heart-healthy, hypoallergenic fish option in this grain-friendly and low-fat recipe. Our animal nutrition team designed this recipe to be 20 grams of fat / 1000kcal, a suitable level for dogs with pancreatitis. Parboiled brown rice provides a more easily digestible healthy carbohydrate and extra calories. The addition of cranberries packs an antioxidant punch and the inclusion of a small amount of coconut oil (a medium-chain triglyceride) can help soothe your dog’s digestive system and help with nutrient absorption.


  • Low-fat recipe 
  • Gluten-free
  • Wild-caught whitefish is considered hypoallergenic
  • Packed with other superfoods ingredients such as cranberries, kale, coconut oil and parsnips, containing antioxidants that provide anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal abilities.
Metabolizable Energy: 122 kcal/100 g

454 g vacuum sealed package.

Note: Dogs requiring specialized diets for health issues should always be monitored by their veterinarian to ensure the diet supports their unique health requirements. This recipe was formulated to meet the needs of adult maintenance diet requirements and if fed for growth and reproduction needs beyond occasional meals, it should include our Puppy Booster plus an additional source of healthy fats to meet minimum requirements.

Guaranteed Analysis

As fed Dry Matter
Crude Protein (min.) % 9 32
Crude Fat (min.) % 2 6
Crude Fibre (max.) % 1 5
Moisture (max.) % 72 --
Ash % 1 5
Ca:P Ratio 1.4:1 1.4:1
Fat (g) per 1000 KCal 20 --
Metabolized Energy (calories) 122 KCal/100g or 277 KCal/cup 435.71 KCal/100g or 989.29 KCal/cup

Ingredients: pollock filet, whole grain brown rice, kale, parsnips, dried cranberries (sweetened w/ apple juice concentrate), hemp seed oil, coconut oil, calcium carbonate, digestive aid extracts blend (dried yeast, chicory root, elderberry, thyme, lactobacillus), amino acid chelated minerals (zinc, iron, copper, manganese), magnesium oxide, potassium iodide, a-tocopherol acetate, sodium selenite, vitamin B12, vitamin A palmitate, niacin, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin, thiamine hydrochloride, vitamin D3, folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, choline bitartrate.

Formulated to meet the NRC and AAFCO dog nutrient profiles for maintenance.