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Turbo Wobble Bottle cat nip

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Give your cat endless fun with the Turbo® Wobble Bottle™! This responsive cat toy shakes and wobbles to keep your cat active and engaged. It features a catnip dispenser with premium North American catnip that releases catnip scent as your cat plays. While it wobbles, the toy's tail flings around for your cat to play with and bat. Watch the toy in action to see how it works!
  • Dispenses premium North American catnip during play to boost energy.
  • Responsive design wobbles and shakes as your cat plays.
  • Flying tail attachment offers added fun.
  • Catnip can be shaken or poured onto other toys and scratchers to stimulate play.
  • Encourages active play and increases mental stimulation.
Ideal for everyday use. Pet must be supervised while playing with toys. If a toy becomes damaged, discard immediately.